Refine Your Routine

Not just another shaving product: RAZCLE razor cleaner meets our Refined Routine for the start of a water-saving, better-shaving movement.

ShaveAware RAZCLE bottle

The ShaveAware Wet Shaving Routine Difference

A different kind of beard brush plus our patented RAZCLE razor cleaner equal a new, better way to shave.

Ready to try our Refined Routine?
Get going with our Starter Kit!

ShaveAware Bottle with Razcle and brush kit
ShaveAware Bottle with Razcle and brush kit

What Makes Our Shaving Routine Different?

The results! We’ve perfected razor cleaning so you get more great shaves out of each razor, better shaves overall, and waste less in the process.

RAZCLE Razor Cleaner

  • Use up to 85% less water
  • Reduce plastic shaving waste
  • Use only 3 razors per year
  • Get a better, quicker shave


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ShaveAware's Beard Brush means no messy hands, which mean less water wasted.


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