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Refine Your Routine

Keep the cartridge razor you love, lose the guilt. Use up to 85% less water and as few as 3 razors per year, get a better shave, and help provide clean water through Water.org while you’re at it. Join the movement.
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Shave. Save. Repeat.

We’re going to let you in on a little secret: you don’t have to feel guilty about shaving with cartridge razors. You can get the best, cleanest shave possible with the blades you already love–while also saving water, time, and money.

Want to do your part to reduce waste? You don’t have to go backward in shaving technology. Sure, you could use a safety or straight razor, but we have a better option: use the cutting-edge multi-blade razors you love and be eco-savvy.

Our Refined Wet Shaving Routine:

Do we have your attention now?
How many razors do you use each year? ShaveAware can help you use less then 5.

Save Money

Razors are expensive. Duh. Our founder shaves 6 days of every week (yup, really) and uses 3 blade cartridges per year. 

Shave. Save. Repeat. Save water with ShaveAware.

Save Water

The average wet shaver uses 1 gallon of water for every shave. The ShaveAware Routine uses less than a pint – that’s up to 85% less.

ShaveAware's refined ritual and innovative products help you reduce the trash you generate.

Reduce Waste

Are you aware Americans throw away over 2 billion razor blades per year? Maximize the life of your razors with our Refined Routine + RAZCLE.


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Our Boar Bristle and Synthetic Bristle Beard Brushes, used to apply shaving butter and cream, are essential to the practice of the ShaveAware Wet Shaving Routine. While the boar bristle brush has stiffer and more dense bristles, the synthetic fiber brush is still a highly effective pre-shave prep tool. We understand some folks aren’t comfortable […]

ShaveAware's Beard Brush means no messy hands, which mean less water wasted.


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