6 Ways to Save Water around the House

6 Ways to Save Water around the House

Saving water is fundamental to our products and the ShaveAware Wet Shaving Routine. Are you aware of how much water you use around the house? Calculate your water footprint here. In addition to using our Routine and products, there are a variety of ways you can save water in the bathroom. Here are six of our favorites.

Use a bucket or pot to save water while you wait for the sink or shower to heat up.

1. Turn Off the Tap

You may have learned this one in school: turning off the tap between steps while brushing your teeth or washing your face and hands is an easy way to reduce the amount of water you waste.

2. Fill a Bucket

One quick trick to give you clean water to use elsewhere around the house (are your houseplants thirsty?) is to fill up a bucket in the shower or a pot in the sink while you’re waiting for the water to warm up. Extreme water conservationists take this trick to the next level by flushing their toilets with shower runoff. In emergency situations, this is also the way to flush your toilet if your water gets turned off.

3. Go Low-Flow

Installing low-flow fixtures and attachments in the bathroom, such as showerheads, toilets, and sink aerators, reduces water waste at the source. Visit this EPA website for info on water-efficient WaterSense products, which are certified to use at least 20% less water. Be sure to check the gallons-per-minute (gpm) rating on new fixtures and attachments. Some manufacturers promote their products as low-flow at 2.5 gpm, which is at the high end of the low-flow spectrum. For most bathroom sinks, 1.5 gpm works fine.

4. Reuse Facial Wipes & Towels

If you or your partner use facial cleansing wipes in the bathroom, one way to save water and paper towels too is to reuse wipes to clean your sink rather than running the water to rinse it out. If they’re safe enough for your face, they’re safe enough for your sink! You can also do this with used hand towels and wash cloths. (P.S. Please don’t flush “flushable” wipes! They’re notorious for clogging pipes and causing major issues for sanitation systems).

5. Fix Those Leaks

Fixing toilets, sinks, bathtubs, and showers that drip and leak are a small way to make a big difference in your household’s water use. Approximately 5-10% of US homes have leaks that are easy to fix. According to USGS calculations, a leaky faucet that drips once per second can waste more than 5 gallons of water per day, which adds up to more than 2,000 gallons per year!

6. Watch that Temp

Do you run your tap until it’s hot or cold? Finding other ways to keep your water at the desired temperature will cut down on water waste. Part of the ShaveAware Wet Shaving Routine includes shaving after you step out of the shower, so that your sink tap will already be primed with hot water for your beard prep. A similar technique applies to drinking water in the kitchen: keep a pitcher for drinking water in the fridge so you don’t waste water running the sink until it’s cold or use the water for thirsty plants or pets.

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Implementing these simple water conservation techniques can cut down on your utility bill and make you feel good about your impact on the global water crisis. Click here to learn more about ShaveAware’s commitment to water conservation through our partnership with Water.org.

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