ShaveAware’s products all come from our passion for creating a better shaving experience, saving money, and minimizing the amount of plastic and water waste we create with each smooth shave. Shave better, save water, reduce waste.

ShaveAware is all about a good shave. Refining the Routine.

Our Story

RAZCLE is 3D printed for precision and optimal blade cleaning.

Several years ago, ShaveAware’s founder, Greg Totonelly, went on a mission to maximize the number of shaves he could get out of each disposable safety blade. He soon discovered his blades weren’t the problem—he was!

Like most wet-shavers, Greg was practicing a (decades-in-the-making) routine that actually limited the mileage he could get out of each blade. Frustrated, Greg started looking for a better solution. ShaveAware was born out of Greg’s refusal to accept only a few shaves per blade, the massive amount of plastic waste created as a result, and the amount of running water traditional wet shavers use.

Enter the ShaveAware shaving routine and RAZCLE, a new and innovative blade cleaning product Greg invented that completely optimizes the shaving routine.

Our Mission, Vision & Values

In addition to saving water, reducing waste, and helping you get a better shave, our Values guide each decision we make at ShaveAware.

Our Mission

ShaveAware creates a cutting edge, economic and eco-friendly shaving experience for consumers through its sustainable shaving products and accessories by minimizing water use and plastic waste.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make every clean shave more affordable, more sustainable, and more eco-conscious.

Our Values

  • Resilience
  • Integrity
  • Mindfulness
  • Fairness & Equity
  • Humor
  • Courage

The Faces Behind ShaveAware

The founder of ShaveAware, Greg Totonelly, wanted a better way to shave. So he invented one.Greg Totonelly, ShaveAware’s founder, is the inventor of ShaveAware’s launch product RAZCLE (Patent Pending) a first-of-its-kind multi-bladed razor cleaning device. Greg is also the principal investigator for ShaveAware’s 6-year case study on how to attain the maximum number of shaves from a blade or what ShaveAware refers to as optimizing blade utility.

Basically, We Do Shaving Better

ShaveAware, based in Woodinville, WA is a newly established product developer, private label marketer and reseller of personal grooming products for consumers the personal grooming industry refers to as ‘wet shavers’.

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