At ShaveAware, we want you to get the best, closest shave of your life without creating huge amounts of plastic and water waste—and without engaging in risky, unprotected shaving with straight blades or safety razors. I invented RAZCLE because I was tired of getting passable shaves and constantly throwing out razors. When used as part of my refined shaving routine, RAZCLE greatly reduces the water you waste shaving, optimizes your blade utilization, and gives you a better, closer shave.  

ShaveAware started as a personal mission to maximize the number of shaves I could get out of each razor cartridge. I quickly discovered that the blades were not the problem: it was me! The traditional wet shaving method I was using limited the life of each blade and sent far more water down the drain than was necessary. With this in mind, I set out refine my routine and create a solution. 

RAZCLE is a patented blade-cleaning, water-saving device

This process eventually led me to the creation of RAZCLE, a product designed to minimize the amount of water used during shaving by cleaning the razor more efficiently, which ultimately increases the life of each blade. This innovative new product, coupled with my tried and tested new routine, both drastically reduced my water usage and extended the sharp life of my razors. This 3-D printed apparatus has gone through a 6-year case study of my own making—all with the goal of maximizing the number of shaves that can be obtained from a single blade.  

How much more life? My blades used to only last for a few weeks. Cartridges are expensive, so that adds up quite quickly, as I'm sure you know. I now go through 3-4 blade cartridges per year using RAZCLE and my new techniques.

That’s right: 3-4 blade cartridges per year  with RAZCLE. The savings on both blades and water has been huge. You can get similar results, if not the same. And you can do it starting today!

RAZCLE is a relatively simple product that directs a stream of water from a bottle over the blade in a concentrated manner. This cleans the blade better, and with much less water, than running the blade under the faucet. It’s compact and perfect for travel, outdoor adventures, minimalist living, or even space travel (not tested yet, but maybe one day). 

While RAZCLE will ultimately be adapted for most disposable and cartridge razors currently on the market, it’s currently available for the Gillette® Mach3 blade. RAZCLE has been extensively tested with the Mach 3 in particular, which is my preferred razor cartridge. If you don’t use Mach3 now, don’t worry: we’ll have another solution for you available soon. 

Environmental progress begins on a personal level and ends as a movement. Even little changes made at the individual level can have huge effects when multiplied by the population of a city (or more!).  

So come join the ShaveAware movement toward a more sustainable wet shaving routine. Your skin will certainly benefit and so will the environment, too. 

Greg Totonelly, ShaveAware Founder & RAZCLE inventor

RAZCLE is currently compatible with Gillette Mach3 razors and razor cartridges
ShaveAware's Beard Brush means no messy hands, which mean less water wasted.


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