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Beard brushes aren’t just for aesthetic. Prep better, shave better (synthetically).


You might think beard brushes are only for dudes shaving with straight or safety razors. (To be clear: they definitely use beard brushes). But that doesn’t mean those guys aren’t on to something important. Beard brushes not only add a certain panache to your shaving routine, but they do also play an important role in beard prep before you shave. After RAZCLE razor cleaner, our beard brush is the second most important item in a sustainable wet-shaving kit.

The Synthetic Bristle Beard Brush is made of durable synthetic (vegan) fibers to better apply your shaving cream (foam, gel, or lather) and lift the beard hairs away from your skin for a cleaner shave. We chose this bristle length specifically because it effectively lifts whiskers and deposits shaving butter without wasting any or losing its shape when dry. While the synthetic bristle density and stiffness is lower than our Boar Bristle brush, this high-quality beard brush is still effective for applying shaving cream or butter and properly prepping beard stubble.

● Ergonomic handle makes for easy, comfortable use
● Better pre-shave prep of your skin and beard
● Synthetic fibers are durable and effective (and vegan!)
● Stiff bristles lift beard hair up away from skin
● Use with your usual shaving cream, gel, balm, or lather
● Look really classy in front of your kids, significant other, or yourself (in the mirror)

Prep Better: Apply shaving butter or cream with our beard brush. Then, run the brush ‘against the grain’ of your beard to lift your whiskers. This will result in a cleaner cut and less pulling, giving you a closer, more comfortable shave.

Save Water: Use our beard brush to lather up and eliminate the need to rinse your hands.

Beard brushes are instrumental to the beard prep and water conservation techniques of the ShaveAware shaving routine. Proper pre-shave prep with a beard brush can also minimize irritation and ingrown hairs. And we want you to look your best.

Our Synthetic Bristle brush is made of durable vegan fibers and can be used with a variety of shaving creams, gels, and lathers. The handle and frame of the brush are made of durable ABS plastic. The ShaveAware Synthetic Beard Brush is available in both white and black.

Learn more about Using and Caring for Your Beard Brush.

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Black, White


Our Synthetic Bristle brush is made of durable vegan fibers and can be used with a variety of shaving creams, gels, and lathers., The handle and frame of the brush are made of durable ABS plastic.


The ergonomic handle and "finger" style of our Beard Brush makes this brush much easier to grasp and use to apply shaving butter or cream., Kind on arthritic hands., Offers easier use for those with mobility limitations.


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ShaveAware's Beard Brush means no messy hands, which mean less water wasted.


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