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Meet RAZCLE razor cleaner, the mother of all blade-saving, blade-cleaning, water-saving shaving accessories. RAZCLE is ShaveAware’s patented flagship product. RAZCLE cleans your cartridge razor blade effectively, efficiently, and quickly. Get more good shaves out of each razor, save time, and save water.

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With RAZCLE in your shaving kit, you’ll experience the mother-of-all blade-saving routines. Most importantly, you’ll get more great shaves out of each razor by effectively cleaning your blade with RAZCLE. You’ll also keep more money in your pocket, more water in the aquifer, and more plastic out of the waste stream.

A first-of-its-kind blade cleaning device, RAZCLE is a masterpiece of fluid engineering. RAZCLE delivers just the right volume of water at the correct velocity to remove the trapped beard stubble and shaving cream that inhibit a blade’s performance and result in prematurely discarded blade cartridges. Getting efficient, optimized use out of each cartridge significantly cuts back on the high volume of plastic added to the waste stream every year.

In addition, RAZCLE saves water, enabling wet shavers to dramatically reduce their shaving-related water consumption.

  • Quickest method to clean your razor blade
  • Most effective way to clean your blade
  • Optimize the lifespan and efficacy of each blade cartridge
  • Durable accessory with a looooong life span
  • Compact for travel, outdoor adventures, or the moon

Because RAZCLE is monolithic (3D printed with no moving parts, joints, or seams to fail) it is made to last. Its compact design makes RAZCLE perfect for travel and outdoor adventures. With RAZCLE in your shaving kit you’ll keep more money in your pocket, more water in the aquifer, and more plastic out of the waste stream, and spend less time shaving.

The full RAZCLE assembly includes the 3D printed RAZCLE, the squeeze bottle, and a threaded cap for storage or traveling.

While the first version of RAZCLE is compatible with Gillette® Mach3 blades, future versions will work with most other disposable razors and razor cartridges on the market.

RAZCLE is 3D printed out of Nylon 12, a durable material. RAZCLE’s bottle is made of food-grade HDPE.

RAZCLE v1 is compatible with Gillette® Mach3 disposable razors and blade cartridges.

See how easy it is to use RAZCLE.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

1 review for RAZCLE

  1. Jim E. (verified owner)

    I’ve been using RAZCLE for over 7 months now. I was pretty amazed the first time I used it! I only shave once or twice a week, so I have a decent length of stubble when I do shave. I get a much better shave with RAZCLE, for sure. It’s like day and night. And it’s really easy to use, very simple, very effective.

    It’s so much more efficient. I can pretty much do a whole shave with just one RAZCLE bottle’s worth of water. I even save time because every stroke isn’t with a clogged blade. Before, I tried to brush the blades out, clean them out, blow them out, but they’d always get clogged. If didn’t get everything out and it dried, I knew I may as well throw it away.

    RAZCLE couldn’t be any easier to use. It’s economical, too. You can use the blade for so much longer. It works exactly like Greg says it does. I was pretty amazed–people should be fascinated by RAZCLE!”

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