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Optimize Your Blade Utility

ShaveAware’s founder, Greg Totonelly, was tired of getting limited shaves out of each new razor blade. He invented RAZCLE and the ShaveAware Shaving Routine to maximize his blade utility–in other words, get more shaves out of each razor cartridge. Watch to learn how you can get more, better shaves out of each blade, too. Shave. Save. Repeat.

How to Use RAZCLE

Refining the Routine starts with our flagship product: RAZCLE. Founder and inventor Greg Totonelly demonstrates how to use RAZCLE and shows how he saves time, water, and blade wear–all while getting a better, closer shave. Shave. Save. Repeat.

Do You Know How Much Water Shaving Wastes?

Wet shaving accounts for millions of gallons of water down the drain every day. With the ShaveAware refined routine, you not only save water, but also contribute to the global movement for water conservation. Shave. Save. Repeat.

Reduce Plastic Shaving Waste

Americans alone throw away over 2 billion plastic razors and disposable razor cartridges. With ShaveAware, you can reduce plastic waste without sacrificing a great wet shave. Shave. Save. Repeat.

Saving Water During the Pandemic

Hand washing is an essential practice in the fight to slow the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. But hand washing also requires a lot of water. Washing your hands for at least the recommended 20 seconds adds up to a lot of water down the drain. Luckily, there are 2 ways to minimize your water use and waste. Spoiler: one of them is simply to turn off the faucet while you suds up. ShaveAware offers another way to save a significant amount of water in the bathroom.