Why should you change from your old shaving routine to the ShaveAware Routine?

Once you’ve heard about the ShaveAware Wet Shaving Routine, you might wonder: why should I change up my shaving routine? It’s been working fine my whole shaving life, so why change now? The answer is as simple as our three favorite words: Shave, Save, Repeat.


Our refined wet shaving routine gives you a closer, cleaner, more comfortable, and longer-lasting shave. ShaveAware’s techniques and products help you get a better shave using the disposable razor cartridges you already know and love. No matter what type of beard hair you have (or other hair you might shave!) or how sensitive your skin is, the ShaveAware Routine makes it easy to prep and shave quickly and comfortably. Our unique Brush helps you apply your favorite shaving cream or beard butter and lift up hair so your razor can get a closer, cleaner cut. RAZCLE cleans your blade thoroughly, efficiently, and quickly between shaving steps to ensure that your razor is at its best for every stroke. And our recommended shaving method (with the grain, then against the grain, using RAZCLE to clean your blade between each half and each side of your face) cuts down on irritation—pun intended—and gives you a closer shave.


Water, time, mess, shaving cream or butter, razor blades, plastic waste, and money: these are all the things you will save by refining your routine with the ShaveAware Wet Shaving Routine. Our founder Greg uses just three razor blade cartridges per year (vs. one per month), and 20 oz. of water per shave (compared to an estimated gallon per shave!) Those blade refills and gallons of water saved lead to money saved, as well as less plastic waste. Since we also recommend using a small amount of shaving butter instead of the gobs you might see in a commercial, you will save money there, too. RAZCLE razor cleaner does more than effectively, efficiently clean your razor cartridge: because it’s so efficient, it genuinely makes shaving quicker!


Saving a few minutes, a few cents, or a few ounces of water here or there may not seem that earth-shattering. But over your life as a shaver, they can really add up—especially if you’re shaving your legs, arms, or other body parts. Greg did the math and calculated that he saves approximately 263 gallons of water per year by using the ShaveAware Wet Shaving Routine to shave his face.

While others are spending around $24 per year on razor blade cartridges (and throwing away at least 2 billion per year), Greg spends just $6 per year by only using three blades over the course of a year. The other thing you’ll be getting on repeat, in shave after shave, is a cleaner, closer shave.

So if you’re ready to change up your wet shaving routine to save water, save money, and get a better shave, learn more about our Refined Routine or get started with the RAZCLE Starter Kit.

Ready to Refine Your Routine?

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Shave. Save. Repeat. With RAZCLE by ShaveAware

Shave. Save. Repeat. / Use Guides

At ShaveAware, we want you to get the best, closest shave of your life without creating huge amounts of plastic and water waste—and without engaging in risky, unprotected shaving with straight blades or safety razors. I invented RAZCLE because I was tired of getting passable shaves and constantly throwing out razors. When used as part of my refined shaving routine, RAZCLE greatly reduces the water you waste shaving, optimizes your blade utilization, and gives you a better, closer shave.

ShaveAware's Beard Brush means no messy hands, which mean less water wasted.


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